With rough steps toward regional league

With rough steps toward regional league

By our employee arne draheim

"only one place better", this is how BBC board member robert wehrfritz formulated the goal for the coming season: "to be modest. After the coburg team finished second in the table last season and narrowly missed promotion, the bavarian league team's goal is clearly defined – promotion to the regional league and the entire city of coburg is to be part of the success.
Thanks to rising attendance figures from 50 to up to 900 spectators, a steadily growing sponsor pool and a more flexible team alignment, the championship is to be celebrated in the city of residence at the end of the season.

New game alignment
The 15-headed BBC squad is known for its "fast and attractive style of play" topping the bill, says robert wehrfritz. The days when teams were put together according to body size have long since been paid for in coburg. Instead, the BBC was looking for young talents with development potential, who would breathe speed and attractiveness into the game and remain with the club in the long term. "We want to focus on sustainability, wehrfritz explained the squad composition for the coming season. The association is therefore relying more and more on its own growth.
In addition to the wing players sascha schaffer, jannick eckerlein and andreas fink, there are five native coburg players in the current BBC squad, including center sinan ozdil and supporting player christoph dittrich.
With yasin turan, michael herold and marcel amar koulibaly, the franks were even active in the transfer market three times over. Dejon prejean, MVP (most-voted-player = best player of the past season) has decided to stay in the city of residence despite numerous offers to do so.
Figures on the available budget were not mentioned, however, they should be "higher than in the previous year" be and "increase every year, according to BBC manager manuel fischer.

Numerous departures
The two supporting players igor obrovski and maciek kordowiecki have left the club, as have the wing players alexander bernsmeier and dominik imhof. The center position also had to be filled, with sebastian hofmann no longer playing in coburg as of this season and achim stark having to step down for health and professional reasons.
One who remains with the BBC is frederik leberle. The actor at the landestheater coburg is looking forward to the on saturday, 5. October (away game at TB 1888 erlangen): "we have a good team. The strength lies in the balance of the team. Our tempo has changed and the defense has been more aggressively oriented. I like this style of play very much".

Explosive home game premiere
For the home opener on sunday, 13. October the promotion aspirant receives the basketball players from marktheidenfeld. Since TV marktheidenfeld also has ambitions for promotion, the coburg team can look forward to an exciting match at home; "we're in for a real thriller. They will most certainly be at the top of their game", fischer is already pretty sure.
The last acid test before the points round takes place today, saturday evening, when the bavarian cup match at BG litzendorf kicks off at 3 p.M.

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