With a-ha we are all 16 again

With a-ha we are all 16 again

"I feel like I'm 16 again," says, kerstin cheers, completely exhausted after the last notes of "take on me" have faded away. Like the 49-year-old from kulmbach, many visitors – presumably especially the female ones – felt the same on this wednesday evening. The norwegian cult band a-ha closes the HUK-open-air-summer 2018 – with a grandiose concert.

It is the first time in the 33-year career of the three norwegians, morten harket, magne furuholmen and pål waaktaar-savoy, that they have found the way to coburg. In 2009 – on the farewell tour – it had almost worked out once before, the contracts were as good as signed, but then the management backed out at the last moment, because the band had already fixed a concert in nurnberg and didn't want to perform twice in a row in france.

Anyway, today they are here – and how. You can't expect a big choreographed stage show from a-ha, after all, the three guys are more or less approaching 60, but there's no need for that. Morten harket's crystal clear voice, the powerful music and the impressive lightshow are just the right ingredients for many goosebump moments on this balmy summer evening at the schlossplatz.

Two coburgers met the band before the concert

The goose bumps that coburg resident yvonne steiner-watzek and her friend gudrun carl experienced that evening are hard to top, however. She won a meeting with the band in the tageblatt competition. Sion hill, who is in charge of the opening program, is already on stage when the 45-year-old is allowed to shake hands with the idols of her youth in an anteroom of the landestheater.

A "grub gott!" By magne

"It was great!", they are still happy the day after the concert. However, the meeting could have lasted a little longer according to their taste. More time than for a short "nice to meet you" and a common photo has not remained. "But the autographs will stay with us forever", she says. She and her friend had brought along extra T-shirts, which they loved to have signed by the three norwegians. Even magnes' knowledge of german flashed briefly when he called one of the winners "grub gott" in real french!" Buried.

The coburg girl didn't really expect that much from the concert itself. "I thought they must play a lot of newer songs that you don't know so well." But luckily on the setlist of the concert tour "electric summer almost exclusively the well-known hits from 33 years of band history. Only half of the songs are from the first two albums from 1985 (hunting high and low) and 1986 (scoundrel days). Good for the fans of the first hour, because the lyrics of the old hits like "cry wolf" are so good, "manhattan skyline", "the sun always shines on T.V." Or "I've been losing you" is simply coarser.

And so: the longer the concert lasts, the louder the audience gets. With "hunting high and low for the first time sanger morten harket leaves the chorus to the coburgers. How did it go again? "…There's no end to the length I'll go to…" – the chorus gets a bit more tense and an audience member giggles: "i'm supposed to know that after 30 years?!"

Also with the former james bond title song "the living daylights" the audience is asked. Keyboarder magne furuholmen conducts first the left half, then the right, then everyone sings together. He thanks us right at the beginning: "thank you for the invitation" – and that in german. Later he reveals "we learned our german at school" – and morten added:"…And quite forgotten!"

But talking a lot is not the thing of the three norwegians anyway, they prefer singing and playing – and they still like to surprise their audience after 33 years. For example with an ancient demo-version of "train of thought, which was formed before a-ha had their first record deal in the bag.

Of course the three guys couldn't leave without an encore and at the very end the audience sings "take on me" loudly with. No one makes it as high as morten, but no matter! At least now we are all teenagers again!

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