When the town hall in neustadt becomes a coffee house

When the town hall in neustadt becomes a coffee house

Music does not always have to be beastly serious. It can also be charmingly entertaining, just as it sounded relaxing in the coffee houses of europe.

This coffee house atmosphere was conjured up at the youngest town hall concert in neustadt, which was performed by three top-class artists who are usually more at home in the classical repertoire. Florian sonnleitner is concertmaster of the bavarian radio symphony orchestra,

heinrich klug was a solo cellist with the munich philharmonic orchestra for a long time and maria reiter is a well-known accordionist who has won several awards. A trio whose instrumentation is unusual, but whose sound harmonizes excellently and is ideally suited for this kind of music.

Entertaining music

A colorful bouquet of entertaining music, technically as well as musically brilliantly presented, and always loosened up by coffee house lyricism by nestroy, polgar, kastner and others.
The lively prelude was the tritsch-tratsch-polka by johann straub, followed by a lyrical waltz by moritz moszkowsky and a wistful romance by adolf leffle. Cello and accordion played the waltz "je te veux" with verve by eric satie, the violinist full of "lovelorn" feelings by fritz kreisler.

Fiery sounded a "hungarian dance by johannes brahms, expressive the tango from the suite espana by isaac albeniz. The prima then received grateful tasks with the "liebesfreud" by kreisler by kreisler and the virtuoso hungarian rhapsody by franz lehar.

First purely "classical it went on after the break with the "coffee house variations" by ludwig van beethoven, where each instrument was also called upon to play more forcefully. Violin and violoncello admirably mastered a demanding, virtuoso movement from the duo by maurice ravel.

Tango by piazzolla

Violin and accordion harmoniously intoned the rather profound humoresque IV by jean sibelius. Maria reiter showed the high school of accordion art in a tango by angel villoldo. Then the audience was taken to the cafe oriental, where cello and accordion played a tango by astor piazzolla passionately and with the highest intensity.

Witty and virtuosic it went towards the end with a funny "mole"-boogie for violin and cello by thomas mifune, the breakneck perpetuum mobile for violin by franz ries and a brisk gallop by johann straub. Enthusiastic applause from the full hall ensured another encore, during which florian sonnleitner – now as a sanger – sang a viennese heurigenlied for accompaniment.

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