Vw customers expect a major wave of recalls

Vw customers expect a major wave of recalls

About half a year after the emissions scandal came to light, VW is facing decisive decisions.

The starting shot for the first major setback is to be fired this week, with the passat being the first mass-selling model to have to go into the workshop.

So far, only the VW amarok has been upgraded – with only 8000 vehicles, this was merely a dress rehearsal on a miniature scale. On wednesday, a german court will also deal for the first time with the manipulation of 2.5 million diesels from the company nationwide.

A VW buyer from the ruhr area wants to return his car. The university professor sues a local VW dealership at the regional court of bochum for rescission of his purchase contract.

"My client wants to return his VW tiguan with the cheating software," lawyer dietrich messler told the deutsche presse-agentur in hannover. The car is about three quarters of a year old and has now run just under 20,000 kilometers.

Messler emphasized that his client rejects any technical improvements to the vehicle. "He is, however, willing to settle and has also purchased a new car."For this, however, the dealer must reimburse him the purchase price less the loss in value due to the mileage.

The man from bochum is not alone in calling for a reversal of the lawsuit. Around the world, around eleven million diesel drivers have been replaced following the outbreak of the emissions scandal.

Volkswagen is focusing on improving the vehicles, but group CEO matthias muller has not ruled out the possibility of buybacks in individual cases, at least for the US market. In this country, the retrofit has already been decided, and is to run throughout 2016.

According to the federal motor transport authority (KBA), the first rough jolt announced by the company for this week is imminent. A spokesman for the agency said monday he was not aware of any signs of a delay.

However, more precise details such as a specific date have not yet been determined. He could neither exclude nor confirm that there would be a green light this week. VW needs the go-ahead from the KBA, which has to approve the solution for reworked diesel cars, in order to be allowed to write to the customers.

VW says there are 2173 volkswagen partners nationwide whose garages are authorized to recall vehicles. In purely arithmetical terms, there are 1150 vehicles in each individual workshop – a herculean task.

In an initial letter to all of the approximately 2.5 million affected owners in germany, VW had recently outlined a rough course of action. For the cars with the smallest engine with 1.2 liters of displacement, the campaign is to start on 30 september. May (calendar week 22) start. The mid-size engines with 1.6 liters of displacement are available from the 5. September (calendar week 36) in the row. Calendar week 9 marks the beginning of 2.0-liter engines – with the exception of the amarok – initially with variants of the passat. It has not yet been decided when the golf, the best-selling VW model, will be replaced. Each owner receives a second letter calling for a specific appointment at the repair shop.

When exactly which types follow depends on the combination of engine, year of manufacture and gearbox. The KBA releases the dates step by step. In addition to a software update, a new component must also be installed in the mid-size 1.6-liter engines.

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