Unwords in tough competition

Unwords in tough competition

"Victim subscription" allegedly comes from jorg kachelmann. Has heard or read "victim-subscription hardly anyone; it will disappear in the linguistic orcus where it belongs. There were enough other candidates floating around in the public discourse.

Everyone probably knows his personal nerve classics. One of them is the so innocent sounding "networking". But the management gobbledygook is not the best association: people in suits or costumes talk about topics that are boring at best, always ingratiating and often unacceptable. And the business card is also printed without being asked into the hand, which is already wet with sweat from under-pressured anger. All in the service of (others)

careers. Networking is orwellian slang, a euphemism for good old fashioned groveling. Or make ropes. This invective was actually reserved for the cronyism of old real socialist cadres, who never suspected that a turbo-capitalist jungfittitum would eagerly take up their idea. A hard-hitting "career guide" advice in all seriousness: "start networking early, ideally during your school years!"

You can see them in front of you, side-parted upwardly mobile people who are busy networking, but who sometimes freak out and encourage their young union board to write a cheeky letter to their political opponents. Today, of course, this is all internet-based. Services like "xing or "linkedin spam mails or "contact requests" – we have landed on the contact yard of an eros-center (also such a word)?

What would a baron knigge, whose remarks about dealing with people seem astonishingly modern, have to say about this appeal to lies, hypocrisy and falsehood?? All this he had imputed to a sycophantic court society. The free citizen should walk and act upright, so knigge. Of course, one will not always trumpet the truth. Courtliness, sincerity and discreetness are civilizing values, which an ordinary networker will never understand. – according to this theater: power woman or. Women’s power.

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