Trump imposes sanctions on world criminal court in the hague

Trump imposes sanctions on world criminal court in the hague

U.S. Government to impose sanctions on international criminal court staff in the hague in investigations of u.S. Security forces.

US president donald trump approved this thursday with an order that possible property of the affected can be frozen in the USA. Auben secretary mike pompeo stressed, "we cannot and will not stand by and watch our people be threatened by a corrupt court."Justice minister william barr announced that his ministry would implement the sanctions "to the full extent of the law".

The weibe house said the president also approved the expansion of visa restrictions against criminal court staff and their associates. The court’s actions constituted an attack on american rights and threatened national security. The united states will take every measure necessary to protect citizens and allies from unwarranted persecution.

The united nations expressed "concern" about the actions of the u.S. Government. The matter is being watched very closely, a spokesman for U.N. Secretary general antonio guterres said in new york.

In march, the international criminal court in the hague cleared the way for investigations into possible war crimes in afghanistan – also against u.S. Soldiers and employees of the u.S. Intelligence agency CIA. Court prosecutes war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. 123 states have ratified the court’s basic treaty, the so-called roman statutes. The U.S. Is not a party to the court and has been strongly opposed to it for years.

Barr said trump’s order will ensure "that those who assist the international criminal court’s politically motivated investigations of american soldiers and intelligence officials without the consent of the united states will suffer serious consequences". The court is "little more than a political tool".

Pompeo said he had a "message to close allies around the world: your people could be next, especially those from nato countries who have fought terrorism in afghanistan alongside us". Defense secretary mark esper said it is the responsibility of the U.S. Justice system to take action against soldiers. U.S. Soldiers "will never appear before the international criminal court".

Judges in the hague ruled in march that U.S. Soldiers and CIA personnel could be investigated as part of an investigation into possible war crimes in afghanistan. The prosecution may also investigate possible war crimes at secret U.S. Military detention facilities outside afghanistan. The U.S. Government had already threatened countermeasures last year. The investigation has begun. But there are still no concrete suspicions or indictments.

Investigations at the world criminal court usually take years to complete. It is not foreseeable whether in this case they will also lead to warrants or a trial.

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