The people of poxdorf like it when it really goes bang

2013 is a very special year for the poxdorf boller gunners. There are two important events in it, which it is essential for the poxdorfer to celebrate with the appropriate auand. The bollergruppe of the schutzenverein edelweib poxdorf will be 25 years old this year. And then the poxdorfer have also the 8. June thickly marked in the calendar when your community the 22. Frankish boller protection meeting will host.

One of the four passionate poxdorf shooters who started the bolller group in 1988 is hans kupfer. Since then, kupfer has been managing the association together with his three colleagues on the board, otto freund, franz schmidt and rainer werner. In addition, he also filled the office of commander.
The poxdorf boller group today consists of eighteen active and two passive members. Among them are five women. However, kupfer does not like to talk about weapons when it comes to explaining his passion. Kupfer prefers the term "schiebgerate" instead. Of which the poxdorfer own handboller, schaftboller, standboller and a cannon.

They love the conviviality
Recklessness is not the thing of the poxdorfers. Each active member of the club had to pass a so-called bollerprufung. In addition, all the sliding gears are inspected by the bombardment office in mellrichstadt every five years.

The bollergruppe participates in parades such as at fronleichnam or on the day of national mourning. Its members are welcome guests at club anniversaries, and they perform at weddings and birthdays. "We maintain tradition and love conviviality. And of course it's fun when it's already cracking", says copper.

It is also to his credit that the poxdorf boller group has a cannon. At the end of the 1980s, he bought the old "poxdorf cannon" from an old goods dealer in hagenau discovered. The municipality had previously released the cannon for scrapping together with a threshing machine and discarded fire engines.

For decades the "old G'lump" had in a barn behind the old school and had gradually rotted away. As early as 1956, the cannon was considered to be "no longer serviceable have been discarded. After that, the poxdorfers had simply forgotten about their gun over time. It was probably also forgotten in the village that the municipality had bought the cannon in 1912 especially for the forthcoming visit of prince ludwig of bavaria, who was later to become king ludwig III of the kingdom. Became, salute to push.

In top shape
On 15. June 1912 the forchheimer tagblatt reported how a cannon for poxdorf had been unloaded at the railroad station in baiersdorf. This has aroused astonishment and admiration among the people.
When hans kupfer bought the historic cannon from the scrap dealer, it was in a deplorable condition: "the metal parts were rusted, the wooden wheels were broken and the frame was broken. And the worst thing was that the breech was missing! It was brought to me by the zametzer, the neighbor to the right of the old school. He had taken it out of the barn years before, because the children always played with it there."

In the meantime the cannon has been restored in the best possible way and has been accepted by the firing authority in accordance with the regulations. The poxdorf bollerschutzen can really let it rip now. At the festive reception on saturday, 25. May, which takes place from 5 p.M. In the gymnasium, they will push with it just as they did at the 22. French burgis meeting on 8. June. So far, 64 clubs with 465 hand bollards, 23 stand bollards and 29 cannons have signed up for the event.

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