The “object eltmann” is rounded off

For many years, the building at alte bruckenstrabe 3 to 5 in habfurt (right next to the district administration office) has housed the offices of the youth welfare office and the district development department. These buror rooms are housed in an old brick building known as the kirschner house. This is surrounded by a garden, which adapts to the charm of the old building. A wrought-iron gate leads into a small biotope that opens up a paved path to the administration building.

"Arbor of tranquility

For some time now, the garden has offered not only wild herbs but also works of art. With the "laube of tranquility, an object by the artist hans doppel, art had found its way into the landratsamt garden. The response to the installation of an artistic object was so rough that another piece of art has now been installed. This new object by hannes betz fits perfectly into the ambience, says the habberge district office.

The artist hannes betz has created his artwork "object eltmann" placed directly in front of the county development building, where it can now be admired as a loan in the public space, as the district administration office further announced. The artwork is made almost entirely of recycled materials. The object is reinforcing steel that was left over from the renovation of a highway bridge near eltmann. The artist has formed a rough sphere, with a diameter of about one and a half meters from it. Silver balls are placed between the rusty letters, providing a special contrast.

The painter and object artist hannes betz says of himself that he lets himself be influenced by nature and daily life when creating his art. The francophone landscape continues to inspire him to create new objects and images.


Hannes betz has lived in westheim since he was born. Here he is known, among other things, as the founder and creator of the westheim meeting place for artists. Besides exhibitions in his own studio he has had successful exhibitions in munich, starnberg, munchberg, kulmbach and bamberg. Although he did not want to be tied down to any particular style, the works of hannes betz bear his unmistakable signature.

As the landlord, the district of habberge is pleased with the installation of the "eltmann object" plant of the artist hannes betz and invites all interested to a garden walk in the property in habfurt.

The district of habberge had acquired the kirschner property several years ago. The agency needed space for its departments and employees.

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