The little red passion

The little red passion

Dietmar pohl has all the fire engines of the kronach fire department – both the former and the current ones – in his garage. And yet it is only a shoebox. Nevertheless, the fire engines all fit in, because dietmar pohl is rebuilding them in mab scale 1:87.
And it's a real knee-jerk job, as they say in french, with tweezers and a magnifying glass. After all, the individual parts must first be photographed and measured on the original and then transferred to the rod. "It's all measured out", assures pohl. Then it's a matter of recording the individual parts, saying, engraving, etc. Even the license plates are printed out in mini format and pasted on them.
"Frames and driver's cabs are available for order, just like blue lights. The superstructures, however, are "self-made", says pohl. After all, every vehicle looks different and is always adapted to the needs of the respective fire department, which is why not every fire truck is available in the same model. "I then turn the standard model cars into exactly what's in our garage", says pohl and explains that a model as it can be bought, i.E. Never looks like it is standing in the garage of the respective fire brigade. That's why he has to help out.
And to do this, he keeps everything he can think of that he could ever use for his models in a tinker's box. Among other things, it contains exhaust parts. "I can use them for the monitor on the fire truck, for example", the tinkerer explains and adds: "a lot of imagination is required". He also buys different models and then puts the various parts together.

Coat of arms in mini format

Pohl has the city's coats of arms, which are on the doors of the fire engines, made by a company in bochum, so that they are even available in miniature on the models, and the model ultimately only differs from the original in its coarseness.
Even if changes are made to an original fire engine over the years, pohl rebuilds this car in the modified version.
The 48-year-old has already built around 30 vehicles – and for safety "in case one breaks down", even in double version.
He started in 1986 and combined his two hobbies: "when i was a boy, i already assembled models of airplanes or ships", he explains. As a passionate firefighter, it was only natural that he should also build fire engines. But this requires not only fingertip feeling, but also "lust and love" as well as "a little rest.

Now the "garage" is on it

So that in the future even more model cars can be stored in the "garage" to fit and above all to be visible there, dietmar pohl is currently, for once, not building a model fire truck, but a display case.


Dietmar pohl presents his model fire engines on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the kronach fire department starting on the 25th of this year. April at the headquarters of the sparkasse kronach-kulmbach.

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