The brose team in individual criticism: players sink into the middle mab

The brose team in individual criticism: players sink into the middle mab

Paris lee, grade 3-

27 games/8.4 points/2.0 rebounds/5.8 assists the 25-year-old was convincing as a preparer and defended well, but his finishing was weak, mainly in the three-point range (32.5 percent). In critical situations, he often made the wrong decisions and therefore did not do justice to his role as one of the team’s leaders. Despite a valid contract until 2021, lee will probably not get the chance to do better. The signs point to goodbye.

Jordan crawford, grade 2

8 games/16.0 points/2.3 rebounds/2.5 assists the 281-time NBA player did what the bamberg team got him for in march: he scored. With an average of 16 points and a three-point percentage of 48.9 percent, the 31-year-old was the most effective player and the sharpest brose weapon in the season finale. However, the winger also showed at the quarantine tournament in munich that his desire for defense is limited. Even crawford was unable to prevent the team’s elimination in the quarterfinals despite his individual class.

Nelson weidemann, grade 2-

23 games/4.4 points/0.7 rebounds/0.9 assists the player on loan from FC bayern munchen got far more playing time at the beginning of the season than jungst did at the final tournament in munich. A several-week layoff due to a bone injury earlier this year knocked weidemann, who had previously ousted kameron taylor from the starting lineup, out of rhythm. Good ball handling, good approach to the basket, safe long-range shot – but the setup man showed his talent in his first season in bamberg.

Retin obasohan, grade 3+

24 games/7.7 points/1.8 rebounds/2.5 assists the brawny powerhouse from belgium joined the team last november and repeatedly tore holes in opponents’ defenses with his drive to the basket – or ran himself into them. Obasohan is a one-dimensional player because of his poor shooting from distance – his three-point percentage was only 28.6 percent – but the point guard was still more effective than paris lee at times. Due to his energetic style of play, he was prone to losing the ball.

Kameron taylor, grade: 3+

26 games/ 10.2 points/3.0 rebounds/2.5 assists strong performances like the one in the quarterfinal against EWE baskets oldenburg at the final tournament in munich had been wished for more often from the wing player. In this game, taylor (20 points) showed his versatility. Thanks to his athleticism, the 25-year-old is also a good defender who can keep his opponent in front of him. But taylor rarely put his horsepower on the floor. He mostly dived or overreacted when his qualities were actually needed.

Bryce taylor, grade: 4

17 games/2.8 points/0.5 rebounds/0.5 assists at his best, the u.S. Player, who now has a german passport, was one of the bundesliga stars, but now his star is fading more and more. This is also due to his injury history, from which taylor has not been spared this season either. Due to achilles tendon surgery, his season ended in february. Until then, the former high achiever had been just a role player with little playing time. Mark: 4

Tre mclean, grade 4

27 games/7.6 points/3.2 rebounds/0.9 assists as a starter, the small forward didn’t get enough action. Offensively, mclean fell in love with his distance shot, but it didn’t find its target consistently. He rarely uses his undoubted athleticism in one-on-one situations to his advantage. Mclean was also more of a runner than a starter. Games in which he assumed responsibility can be paid off on the fingers of one hand. Defensively, the US-american was one of the better defenders in the team, as a rebounder he did not appear.

Louis olinde, grade 2-

21 games/6.8 points/5.3 rebounds/1.0 assists the second-best rebounder on the bamberger team after assem marei, he has improved physically, which has benefited him especially defensively. Olinde was arguably the best defender on the team and made some spectacular blocks. Offensively, however, the new national player stagnated. He was especially weak on throws from beyond the three-point line. The 22-year-old hamburger missed the final tournament in munich due to shoulder surgery.

Mateo seric, grade 3+

13 games/3.2 points/2.2 rebounds/0.1 assists the 21-year-old initially played primarily for the farm team baunach young pikes in the prob, but moved up to the bamberger bundesliga squad after the separation from michael carrea. He took the open three-pointer with a lot of confidence, but he could hardly set any accents near the basket. In defense, seric still had clear deficits against physically superior opponents due to his stature. A place in the squad for the next season he has but sure.

Christian sengfelder, grade: 2-

27 games/9.2 points/4.4 rebounds/0.7 assists in his first year in the brose jersey, the national player was not as effective as before in braunschweig, but the bamberger offensive game was not tailored to him either. The throws that the power forward did get, however, he mostly hit at a high percentage, even from distance. Second-best three-point percentage behind jordan crawford (42.9 percent). Sengfelder made up for his lack of athleticism with exemplary effort, working hard from underneath both baskets.

Elias harris, grade: 2+

26 games/9.8 points/3.2 rebounds/2.5 assists the captain always led the way and was the only one who consistently performed well. His statistics were somewhat better in the previous season, but the ex-national player was never as valuable for the bamberg team as he was this season. Defensively, however, the center had problems with physically superior opponents. Despite internal squabbles (e.G. Salary waiver), harris behaved professionally. It was bitter that he missed the last game of the season with an injury.

Assem marei, grade: 3+

27 games/10.2 points/5.9 rebounds/1.6 assists the mood he was in was usually apparent in the first few minutes of a game. The agyptian was quickly mentally pulled down by missed baskets – of which there were several. As a rule, he was no longer much together. On good days, however, marei was almost unstoppable, and then also good for a double-double. Defensively, he was an unpleasant opponent, but foul-prone. He could not improve his weak free-throw shooting.

These players also wore the brose jersey in the current season

Maurice stuckey moved to the crailsheim merlins in december 2019 after only eight games in the brose jersey because coach moors gave him little playing time. Michael carrera was signed just before the start of the season and left in november. The venezuelan finished the season with the hamburg towers.

Darion atkins was a mistake. The replacement for carrera did not turn out to be the hoped-for player with a strong rebounding ability who can also shoot from the eaves. The contract with the US american was terminated at the end of the season in march. Marvin heckel, moritz plescher, daniel keppeler

The three talents from the baunach prob team took part in the final tournament in munich. Heckel played in all six games, keppeler and plescher only made brief appearances. Aleix font the spanish player only played in preparation games in the brose jersey. The contract was terminated before the start of the season because, in the opinion of the bamberg team, he was not fit for the bundesliga.

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