Television ballet to be dissolved

television ballet to be dissolved

According to the "spiegel" magazine, the german television ballet before the end. Owner peter wolf (56) wants to close the ballet company "by the end of the first quarter of 2014 at the latest" the news magazine quotes from an e-mail from wolf to MDR director karola wille. Promises made by the broadcaster about the order volume for 2014 had not been kept.

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This is how the "rough show of the long legs" will take place the decision was also based on the "loss of all prestigious ARD and eurovision formats in the past 20 months". Florian silbereisen’s shows will also be less in demand in the future.

According to "spiegel", the MDR explained, there had been no promise about the order volume 2014, but the television ballet had been offered shows in the first like the MDR. Wolf is quoted by the magazine as saying: "GDR cultural assets are being buried here." TV appearances are crucial for commercial success. Only against this background did he buy the ensemble. "The decision is not easy for me, but it is indisputable."

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