Security concept: clear decision demanded

Security concept: clear decision demanded

"The problem is that some clubs don’t take the issue seriously. They have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the spectators in the stadium. It can not be that some clubs say: violence in fubball? Never heard!", said the CSU politician friedrich "sport bild plus". League president reinhard rauball also took the clubs to task once again before the members’ meeting on wednesday in frankfurt/main: "in my opinion, we need a clear decision and not a delay."

The exclusion of dynamo dresden from the cup, which was handed down by the DFB sports court on monday evening, lent additional explosiveness to the meeting. The judges of the german soccer federation saw the second division club as a repeat offender and knew no mercy. Reason for exclusion from cup competition next season was rioting at cup match in hannover late october.

At that time, the police had recorded a total of 41 offences. There were nine injuries and three arrests. Hannover 96 was sentenced to a fine of 70 000 euro. The sentence is "very understandable in view of the aggressive fubball chaotes in the fan rows of dynamo dresden. The decision shows that the DFB is not afraid of consistent punishments and drastic measures," said lower saxony’s interior minister uwe schunemann. Like his colleagues in office, the CDU politician is demanding that german soccer implement a new security concept.

League boss rauball, who is also president of champions borussia dortmund, told the "bild" newspaper (monday): "the league association is facing a fork in the road. I see the vote on a par with a TV contract or the 50+1 question. The question is: can the professional clubs do their homework on their own responsibility and then act with the appropriate self-confidence in their dealings with politicians and the police??" He was in any case glad that most of the clubs had recognized this.

Friedrich again called on the 36 first and second division clubs to vote in favor of the DFL security concept at this wednesday’s general meeting. The professional clubs will decide in frankfurt/main on the 37-page paper with the 16 applications. The designated manager of the german soccer league (DFL), andreas rettig, is confident that the concept will be approved on wednesday.

However, the chairman of the board of hamburger SV, carl-edgar jarchow, announced that he would argue for a postponement of the vote. "I will vote that we do not vote on wednesday, but that we discuss these questions and then vote at the first members’ meeting in the new year," said the 57-year-old on sunday evening in the NDR sportclub and emphasized: "i think it is rushed. I am of the opinion that we do not have this time pressure that is being built up there."

Vfb stuttgart had already made similar comments, as had werder bremen and the second-division clubs FC st. Pauli and union berlin are considered to be clear opponents of the adoption of the mabnahmenkatalog at this point in time. "Nothing has to be decided on wednesday for the time being". The pressure comes from politics," said ben prabe from the fan organization "unsere kurve" on sunday evening on SWR television and emphasized: "the stadiums are very, very safe. The pressure is not necessary at all. From this point of view, the subject can be dealt with properly."

For rauball, passage meant that threatened restrictions from politics were off the table. "It’s a very thin line. We must be careful not to lose our sovereignty," he warned again. The security concept is recognized by politics and the police.

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