Peter heil is back on the eisenstadter platz

Peter heil is back on the eisenstadter platz

In 1997 imre varga created the statue of peter heil on behalf of the city, which was placed on a fountain next to the city wall. The figure is supposed to recall a story from the 30-year war, when the town was saved from the invading swedes thanks to the bees of the burgher peter heil. The fountain was completed again on friday after its renovation. As mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) noted, two months ago a new granite column was erected – 2.20 meters high, weighing about two tons – on which the 300-kilo figure of peter heil has now been replaced. The granite stone with the water glands weighs another 800 kilograms, so that the appropriate stability had to be ensured, according to the mayor.
The mabnahme has altogether – paving work and new electrical system (lighting) was added – costing a total of around 25 800 euros. "Now it stands safe again", said kay blankenburg, when, together with christian kessler, who had been invited to the rakoczy festival to present peter heil as a "historical personage" the fountain was officially put back into operation.

The story

Background 1645 the swedes came and besieged the town. The burghers of kissing did not want to admit defeat, closed all the town gates and entrenched themselves.

Siege twelve days the swedes shelled and attacked the walls. On 13. Day kissingen should finally be taken in a final assault. All ammunition had been shot and the city walls were already showing dangerous cracks. The burgomaster was about to open the gates to hand over the city, when the burgher peter heil suggested to distribute the 200 beehives on the city wall to hurl them at the swedes.

Rescue when the swedes reached the wall, the beehives flew and shattered. The bees buzzed around and stung the swedes, and a rough mess was created. They fled from the attacking bees. At the eisenstadter platz, directly at the city wall, a monument was set to the rescuer of the city, there he stands with his beehives under the arm.

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