Paris closes bars and cafes in fight against corona

Paris closes bars and cafes in fight against corona

Paris puts the brakes on alarming corona situation and closes bars and cafes. "The epidemic is progressing too quickly," warned paris police prefect didier lallement on monday.

We must prevent the health system from becoming overburdened. The city and its suburbs are now on maximum alert. This has resulted in a number of other restrictions – but restaurants were allowed to stay open. The new m-takes will initially apply for two weeks from tuesday.

The situation in the french capital is very tense. There are more than 3500 new confirmed corona infections in the paris area every day. In the capital, over the past seven days, more than 260 people per 100.000 residents infected with the virus. Among younger people, the figure is even higher, at around 500, according to health officials. More than one-third of intensive care beds are occupied by covid-19 patients.

The "maximum alert level" has so far only applied in marseille and the french overseas territory of guadeloupe. After that, a state of health emergency can be declared. France’s president emmanuel macron repeatedly emphasizes the need to live with the virus. The government, however, had zigzagged in recent weeks with contradictory messages. Initially, it had taken the regional authorities to task – then suddenly made its own regulations. In the affected regions, people felt patronized.

Surprisingly, restaurants in the capital have now been allowed to remain open. You must comply with stricter hygiene regulations. For this, a limit of six people per table and the leaving of contact data similar to that in germany is reportedly paid. In marseille, on the other hand, all restaurants and bars had to close when the "maximum alert level" was declared in the southern french port metropolis. There had been massive protests against this. The restaurants were now allowed to reopen after one week instead of two. Regional politicians had campaigned for this.

The government met with representatives from paris on sunday, no doubt also to avoid renewed trouble. "The city will stand by the side of the state," assured parisian mayor anne hidalgo, thanking the government for working in partnership. There would be mabnahmen to alleviate the economic damage. "The health crisis has extremely harsh consequences," she warned, referring to the economy.

In paris, stricter regulations were already in place – for example, bars had to close at 10 p.M. Until now. Restrictions on alcohol sales for takeaway and consumption at public places remain in place. In the meantime, gymnasiums and swimming pools in paris and the inner suburbs are also closed. Only minors were still allowed to play sports there, for example in the context of their club.

A four square meter limit per customer applies to shopping malls. Only visits by a maximum of two people are now allowed in old people’s homes – by arrangement. Student parties and celebrations are banned in public places. Cinemas and theaters were allowed to remain open. Horeca or dining halls may only be filled to half capacity.

France hit hard by corona pandemic. More than 32.000 people have died so far. At the weekend, the country paid just under 17.000 new infections within 24 hours. In spring, very strict exit restrictions applied throughout the country. The government repeatedly stresses that such general restrictions should not be reintroduced. The foreign office has issued a travel warning for almost the entire country.

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