Nagel facing olympic exit – beerbaum now only aubenseiter

Nagel facing olympic exit - beerbaum now only aubenseiter

"The chance of london has dropped to a minimum," said carsten-otto nagel. His top horse corradina is still not fit, the team world and european champion is therefore not part of the german team at the last olympic test in aachen. As things stand, ludger beerbaum will not be competing in london either.

"We’ve had a little bonus all this time because we’ve been so successful lately, but that doesn’t help now," commented nagel. For three years in a row, the 49-year-old from norderstedt was the most successful german show jumper at the international rough events, winning the team title and two individual silver medals at the european championships in 2009 and 2011.

"This is very bitter for carsten-otto," commented beerbaum, who described himself as an "aubenseiter" for a place in the olympic team. "But this is not a surprise, I have known it for a long time"."At least after his fall at the german championships with gotha, the four-time olympic champion was a shaky candidate. He currently does not see himself among the best five riders in germany.

This also applies to nagel. "If against all expectations she still gets into shape, then maybe something is still possible," said nagel about his mare. "There is still a small glimmer of hope."But basically he knows since the weekend that the dream has been shattered, because corradina was slightly injured and could not start as planned in rotterdam. Previously, the 14-year-old gray mare had suffered from inflammation for a long time after a dental operation and had taken a break for several months.

"This is not the end, but he has to present himself really very well in aachen," said german co-trainer heinrich hermann engemann, who is head of the german show jumping team in aachen. "We know what we can do with this pair when they get into shape," engemann added.

But even nagel does not believe that corradina will actually be in shape by next week. "We are lagging behind all the time," the show jumper explained. "You don’t find your form again so quickly."

National coach otto becker has appointed five riders for the nations’ cup team in aachen: christian ahlmann (marl), marcus ehning (borken), marco kutscher (riesenbeck), janne-friederike meyer (schenefeld) and philipp weishaupt (riesenbeck). Which quartet will compete is decided by the national coach on site.

"From a nuchtern point of view, decisions are made according to sporting aspects, and if i’m not there because of that, then i’ll have to accept it," said nagel about his starting position. The rider from schleswig-holstein, the top man in the team for several years, is currently only number seven. "That should be the high point," he said of his olympic dream. "It was the worst possible time," he said about his mare’s illness in the spring. "But such things can happen."

While the show jumpers still had very strong replacements for nagel and corradina, the absence of rath and totilas hit the dressage team much harder. Rath, who is currently in bed due to an illness (pfeiffersches drusenfieber), can not start in aachen at all. Only if the healing process is optimal can he be fit again by london.

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