Musicians open the fifth season

Musicians open the fifth season

When the city band invites people to a beer festival serenade, it’s no longer a secret: hours before the actual performance, there was not a single seat left in the venues around kulmbach’s market square. Many fans of classical and modern brass music have brought their chairs with them. And of course there was also beer bar. But not enough. Because the weather was tempting. And the square concert has become an absolute must for all kulmbachers. You simply have to be there. Every year, the serenade whets the appetite for the most beautiful season in the secret capital of beer.

The town’s senior citizens’ homes were also represented at the great summer concert in the open air. The town band had music for every taste at its traditional concert on the market square again this year. The palette ranged from evergreens and enchanting melodies such as "frau luna", "frau luna" and "frau luna" to defiant sounds like the "national emblem with excerpts from the american anthem. Of course the musicians from kulmbach were not stingy with polka and marching music.

And as a special tribute to all the firefighters who were fighting the huge forest fire in stadtsteinach-romersreuth at the same time, conductor thomas besand played the firefighters march. He started with real martinshornklangen. Of course, magnificent marches, defiant polkas could not be missing. Because classical brass music is in high season in kulmbach next week. She is at least as much a part of the beer festival as the freshly tapped beer itself. And in between legendary gershwin-superhits provided for best entertainment.

Conductor thomas besand said that he made his first attempts at conducting during the gershwin medley. Back then, in the youth orchestra, which was led by professor gunther weib and in which besand was engaged as a horn player.

The town band gave the visitors a wonderful evening of music. And the younger visitors got their money’s worth with modern wise music. The serenade also includes waltz melodies, well-known tunes from operas and operettas, musicals and films.

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