More than trees, beer and bratwurst

More than trees, beer and bratwurst

Back to the roots at the protestant bartholomauskirchweih in unterleinleiter. For the past 13 years, the day of the consecration of the church or the consecration of the church itself has been held here again. The day of the patron saint in the foreground.
What is actually different? The church consecration tree and a music sprinkling are missing. For this the two festive days start on saturday late afternoon always with a church concert. Whether with the church’s own choirs, church cabaret, gospel groups, instrumental soloists on the organ, plus trumpet/ trombone or solo singing, this prelude is an integral part of the church festival. On sunday after the festive service, the secular church consecration meeting continues in the absence of an established village hall with an early pint on the church’s own festival meadow.

This was also the case this year on the last weekend in august. On the local small "village church organ" opened on saturday church music director i.R. Roland weiss, pegnitz and trombonist klaus hammer, bayreuth, with trombone and tenor horn and concert pieces of the baroque classics to romanticism the festive days. The numerous listeners enjoyed it and were enthusiastic. Afterwards, pastor johannes waedt opened a text and picture documentation in the community center (former schoolhouse) under the title "100 years of the old schoolhouse".

We offer a documentation in text and pictures, compiled by rolf patschinsky, about the life in this building in the last 100 years. Pictures from 1907 and supplemented with old texts about a school visitation from the year 1798/99, the new building plans from the year 1909 of the current building. Original about the last installment for the school building of the church and school board at the time of the rough inflation in the 20s in the form of some shock eggs and many memory photos from the school time until 1959 could be found out. Illustrated construction work on the occasion of the rededication as a parish house in the current form awakened memories in the visitors.

Due to the popularity of the exhibition, it will be held on sunday, 2. September, opened once again from 9 to 15 o’clock.

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