Monch restricts the building frenzy of the grobwenkheim beaver

What is considered a virtue by humans can occasionally lead to problems with animals. This is how the beaver in grobwenkheim’s riedgrabensee got the name "problem beaver". He has repeatedly blocked the drainage pipe, which has caused the lake to grow to a sizeable size. However, the water was already running over the dam onto the neighboring fields. Half the village had been under water when the dike burst. Now the contractor karl wohlfart (poppenlauer) has been commissioned by the city of munnerstadt to install a monch to solve the flood problem once and for all. A flood trough is to guarantee that the water will flow out of the lake during heavy rains.

Water level lowered

In order to be able to install the 2.5 meter high concrete monch (used to regulate the water level), the water level first had to be lowered considerably. The work was made more difficult by the fact that the beaver has built its castle in the immediate vicinity of the outflow. It must not be damaged. In the meantime, the water level has risen again. Mayor helmut blank (CSU) swarmed by the resulting lake. In the meantime, it is also well accepted by the population. "This is mainly thanks to martin gessner", according to the mayor. The grobwenkheimer was mabgeblich involved in the compromise. In the meantime, the residents have even put up a seating area. "You can really come down here", says the mayor, who also likes to take a walk by the lake in his free time. But he is not entirely uncritical: "when I applied to the authorities for a quarry pond for swimming, I was refused or only given permission under strict conditions, he is convinced. "The alternative is to settle a beaver."

"I’m going to put some more paving on the flood basin", says karl wohlfart. This is an additional security. In the meantime this has already happened. The monch is made accessible by a footbridge. Karl wohlfart is convinced that the beaver will not obstruct the monch, because the water at the bottom of the lake flows into the monch. And if he starts to build the flood basin, the debris can be cleared away easily. The entrepreneur confirms that the lake is very well accepted by people and animals. A few days earlier, an ornithologist had visited him, who had noticed a very rare species of duck: "but it was only passing through."

Now a small depression on the dam is to be filled in, over which water has flowed onto the fields during heavy rains. The drainage ditch below the flood basin will be cleaned again, says the mayor. Everything was done in close coordination with the lower nature conservation authority in the district office. The entire dam is expected to be raised by another ten to 15 centimeters in the fall. While the work done so far is paid by the city of munnerstadt, because the beaver lake as a compensation area for the planned area "aubere lache" in munnerstadt, the municipality is ahead of the game in raising the dam. This would provide additional flood protection, said simon gluckert, the head of the building authority.

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