Maintal bike path on new route

Mayor peter kraus looked back on the well-attended castle meetings in grebhausen, ottendorf and gadheim at the meeting of the municipal council on monday evening. "The fact that a total of about 160 burgers came shows that the interest in the projects in the community is very rough", he was pleased. And: "moreover, the meetings were harmonious throughout."

Peter kraus mentioned some suggestions of the citizens and explained that the speed measuring device at the entrance of grebhausen from the direction of bundesstrabe 303 has already been installed. The water quality of the fire pond in grebhausen is still being tested. "We are also in the process of planning a better illumination of dark corners like in the steinstrabe in gadheim and the alte strabe in ottendorf with solar lights", according to the mayor. He further announced that the bike path to the untereuerheimer brucke would be repaired as soon as possible.

He announced that all bus stops will be equipped with new signs. The locations of the stops remain largely the same, only in the center of gadheim the stop is moved in the direction of schweinfurt to the village square. In the ostliche hauptstrabe in gadheim, the bauhof will build a barrier-free bus stop in the spring and only then put up the sign. "In general, the installations and also the signs are cost-neutral for the community", so peter kraus.

Sperber community election officer

The council unanimously decided to approve the changes to the "eichelberg" development plan, "eichelberg II" and "upper rothen to raise to the statute.

The council appointed erwin sperber as municipal election officer for the 2020 municipal elections and klaus barthelmes as his deputy.

The proposal of the district of habberge to appoint a joint data protection officer was rejected by the municipal council. As peter kraus announced, the administrative communities of theres, hofheim and ebern wanted to jointly commission an office to take over the work of the data protection and information security officer. However, the possibilities for demands within the framework of inter-municipal cooperation first had to be examined. Kraus put the cost of the agreement with the district at around 8,000 euros a year. On the other hand, an office was only required to pay a one-time fee of 3500 euros and a monthly amount of around 400 euros from the VG theres.

Settlement not until 2020

The rerouting of the maintal bike path is complete. After consultation with the government of lower franconia and the new waterway construction office, the final inspection will not take place until the work on the main river in this area has been completed. "Therefore, the mabnahme will not be settled until 2020", so peter kraus. He informed the community council that the diozese wurzburg had rejected the planned aubenrenovierung of the parish church ottendorf due to lack of funding. "How things will go here now remains to be seen", according to the mayor.

He announced that on saturday, 9. November, at 2 p.M. A corridor ride of the grundholden in gadheim and on saturday, 16. November, a lumber strike will be held in ottendorf. Meeting point is at 10 o’clock at the seating area in the direction of bayerhof. Only polterlos were passed.

Udo knauer reported that when the new access road to the cemetery in gadheim was built, a curb had been made too sharp and two drivers had slashed their tires. Peter kraus emphasized that the new access road was 2.5 meters wider than the previous one and that he could not understand how it was possible to drive onto the edge of the curb. He said that those who had suffered damage should write to the municipality, which would then forward the claims to their insurance company.

At the end he handed over a present to local councillor klaus sterlings, who had organized the farmers’ market of the municipality of gadheim again this year.

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