Last touches before the start of the christmas market

Andreas oswald before the christmas market opens next saturday and on sunday, at 18.30 o’clock, the christmas angel opens the first door of the world’s most beautiful advent calendar, the men of the city’s building yard are still putting the finishing touches on so that the town hall can shine in advent splendor.

Well over 100 light bulbs on the facade, which have to be connected from a hoist, are responsible for the death. A head for heights is also required when laying the chain of lights that stretches over the roof ridge all the way up to the top of the tower. "We used to hang the lights all year round", reports one of the workers – but this did not last, because the sun made the plastic coating porous over time. So at the end of the christmas season the complete dismantling is imminent again.

Until then, the gleaming doors will once again make for the world’s most beautiful advent calendar and for many shining children’s eyes.

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