Landmark of weidhausen is about to fall

landmark of weidhausen is about to fall

The avenue along the state road between sonnefeld and weidhausen is one of the most prominent tree stands in coburg county. And yet: the 62 poplars have reached the end of their lifespan. Therefore, the municipal council decided on monday evening in the fire station: the trees will be felled this winter.

However, the decision was not easy for the town councils. Mayor markus monch (no party affiliation) conceded that it was undoubtedly a "landmark of the community" that there should be a change of mind. But the facts speak against the avenue in its current appearance: according to expert opinions, many trees are damaged – and those that are still healthy won’t live much longer either. Maybe eight years at the most, but that would require a maintenance outlay of around 20,000 euros from the community, which should not be underestimated. This was the calculation made by community manager walter bott. All trees to fall and a new tree row to plant, became on just once 9000 euro come.

At the keyword "row of trees but there were all kinds of objections. Klaus lippert (SPD), who would prefer to keep all the old trees anyway, wanted trees to the left and right of the cycle path: "everything else is not an avenue." Markus monch pointed out, however, that on the left side (direction of travel sonnefeld) of the cycle path are supply lines of suc. There would be no sense in planting deep-rooted trees. However, after michael hofmann (CSU) also expressed his wish for a "real avenue the exact design of the replacement plantings remained open for the time being.

Consultant does not want to consult

in this connection criticism was voiced at the coburg horticultural consultant thomas neder. The municipality had asked him for tips on which tree species the municipality could plant in the new tree row. But neder’s answer left walter bott dismayed, to say the least: the consultant told him that he was refusing advice because he wanted to keep the avenue of poplars alive. And that’s not all: neder lieb prepared another expert opinion and a cost estimate on his own initiative and sent both to the weidhauser burgermeister. "You have to let that melt in your mouth", said bott.

At the end of the discussion, klaus lippert urged that the administration should "not take the easy way out" may go. The aim of the new concept must be to create an avenue again. Detlef hetz (freie burger), on the other hand, had no problem if only bushes were planted to replace the avenue. Walter lorper did not like the idea of reforestation at all and therefore refused to give his consent.
It is at least clear who is to help with any new planting: the local horticultural societies. At least that’s what the mayor wanted: "it’s a nice task to work together for a new landmark for the community."

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