Lack of distance leads to chain reaction

A total of three trucks with trailers and one van were involved in a traffic accident that occurred on tuesday afternoon at the start of the construction site at the robdorf am berg junction in the direction of bamberg.

The 59-year-old driver of a truck-trailer combination had to brake sharply at the beginning of the turn to the construction site due to traffic conditions. The following 35-year-old driver of another truck noticed this and pulled his vehicle to the right onto the hard shoulder to avoid a collision. However, the left front of the vehicle grazed the rear of the trailer and also tore up the entire tarpaulin of its own trailer.

Close behind these two vehicles, the 52-year-old driver of a pickup truck came to a halt after braking hard before he was hit from behind by the 52-year-old driver of another truck and pushed onto the first vehicle.

The van suffered total economic damage. All involved were unharmed. The total damage to the vehicles involved is estimated at at least 71,000 euros.

Heavy obstructions

Due to the accident in the confined construction area and in order to recover the vehicles, the A 70 had to be completely closed in both directions between the stadelhofen and scheblitz junctions and the traffic diverted. There were considerable traffic jams and obstructions for several hours, also on the detour routes.

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