Knauf gas flame flares up several more times

Knauf gas flame flares up several more times

For several days, firelight could be seen over the knauf site in iphofen. On friday evening, the flame was extinguished – ahead of schedule. Because the gas that burns down there in a controlled manner is still enough to feed the fire for at least another week. Knauf explains what this is all about when asked by the editorial team.

The company that produces gypsum boards at the iphofen plant runs the dryer for these boards on natural gas. For reasons of security of supply, knauf spokesman andreas gabriel explains, the company has so far maintained a liquefied natural gas storage facility. However, the maintenance was expensive and expensive and, moreover, it was never necessary to tap these reserves.

Knauf abandons his stock of liquefied petroleum gas

This is how knauf decided to give up the gas camp. In the meantime, the company has burned off most of the flussig gas in the production of the boards, but this is not possible down to the very last remnant, the knauf spokesman explains. For this reason, a specialist company from stuttgart has now been engaged that is experienced in the controlled burning of gas. The surplus is burned over burners on the company’s premises at the junction of the B8 road and the road to willanzheim/ alte reichsstrabe. The gas, gabriel insists, can no longer be used for other purposes. According to him, there is no danger to the population or the environment.

Authorities, fire department and the railroad, whose tracks cut through the land, were informed. The spokesman expects the gas flames to be ignited about three more times and then burn for two to three days at a time. Then the gas supply should be exhausted. This is how long the fire glow will be visible again and again over the iphof knauf-geland in the winter darkness.

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