Homeless blackmailer must go to jail

On monday evening, an altercation occurred between two homeless people under the lowenbrucke after an 18-year-old homeless man performed sexual acts on the also homeless 28-year-old victim against his will. Then the younger one attacked his opponent with a stone.

The bamberg police, in close cooperation with the bamberg public prosecutor’s office, have begun investigations into sexual assault, attempted aggravated sexual assault and attempted aggravated robbery. The 18-year-old is being held in custody at the request of the bamberg public prosecutor’s office.

Against 21.30 o’clock the 18-year-old had abruptly attacked his victim and sexually harassed her. The perpetrator then beat the ten-year-old man and demanded money from him.

When the 28-year-old victim fled, the perpetrator followed him. In order to emphasize his blackmail, the perpetrator took a large stone during the chase and threatened the 28-year-old with it.

The victim was able to escape to two passers-by who understood the police. In the course of a manhunt, police officers from bamberg discovered the fleeing perpetrator and arrested him. Further investigations were carried out by the criminal investigation department of the bamberg police in close cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office in bamberg.

On tuesday afternoon, a warrant was issued for the arrest of the 18-year-old at the request of the bamberg public prosecutor’s office. The man was sent to a correctional facility.

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