“Good for the young people”

The elevator was taken by district administrator wilhelm schneider and some members of the special purpose association school center habfurt to the meeting on monday. The event took place in the teachers' room of the elementary school on durerweg in habfurt, which is now finally barrier-free thanks to this elevator. Principal gisela schott fought long and hard for this investment, partly because the elementary school has a partner class from the forderzentrum. Inclusion can now be practiced even better, she is pleased to say, because a disabled toilet was also installed in the school building as part of the renovation work. The special-purpose school association is formed by the district of habberge and the city of habfurt.

Offering children the best possible educational opportunities is the goal of all the schools at the habfurt school center. In this context, the new principal of the albrecht durer middle school in habfurt, sabine kral, reported on the practical classes that are attended by students from all over the district. There has also been a guest student from bamberg, because there is no middle school with a p-branch there.

The practical classes are offered to young people who have little chance of passing the regular secondary school leaving examination. In the P classes, however, they are to be guided to the point where they are ready for vocational training. The lessons are relieved in theory and strongly practice-oriented with a lot of practicals. "Our social pedagogue has made a lot of contacts with the companies, explained kral.

The practical class runs in the last two years of middle school attendance. The classes are small, about 13 students. They are supervised by a teacher, a challenge teacher and a social pedagogical specialist. The increased tuition is financed by the european social fund. "There's real money in love," says, sabine kral, who is herself the head of a p class, expressed her gratitude.

The P classes have been in place in habfurt since the 1999/2000 school year, and kral described them as a real success model, because the students often came to habfurt after a previously "disastrous time at school" into the practical class: "overtaxed, demotivated and often with little support from their parents".

Social pedagogue dagmar keenan often has to do a lot of reconstruction work. It also accompanies the internships, and the teachers offer additional learning groups outside the classroom.

In german and mathematics, the learning content is designed so that the students can cope with future vocational school classes. Graduates of practical classes also have good chances on the apprenticeship market. These have also improved because the P-grade diploma is now a recognized high school diploma. Principal matthias weinberger has pushed this through at the ministry of education in munich "because a diploma is simply important for the companies", sabine kral said.

Twelve students graduated from the P-class in may. Seven of them have started an apprenticeship as a baker, automotive mechatronics technician, specialist salesperson and hairdresser. Three attend the vocational school for food and supply, and two still need the vocational preparation year at the adolph kolping vocational school in schweinfurt.

The next step is to evaluate the students' progress, but from the contacts that many schools maintain, sabine kral knows that about two-thirds to three-fourths of her graduates complete the program directly.

Good for the young people, was the verdict of the district administrator on the practical classes.

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