Girlfriend of ukip chief racially insults meghan markle

girlfriend of ukip chief racially insults meghan markle

After racist remarks about prince harry’s fiancee, there is a lot of trouble in the right-wing populist ukip party. The 25-year-old girlfriend of ukip chairman henry bolton had extremely insulted meghan markle and was expelled from the party for it.

The u.S. Actress markle has african american roots on her mother’s side. On sunday they increased the calls for bolton to resign from office after the incident.

According to the "mail on sunday", the 25-year-old had sent messages to a friend in which she made deeply derogatory remarks about markle and all people of black skin color. She also warned that markle was paving the way for a dark-skinned king in great britain. Heir to the throne is prince charles, prince william is on the second and harry currently on the fifth place in the line of succession.

In a statement, the woman, who describes herself on social media as a model, actress and journalist, has now apologized for her "shocking" language. The quotes, however, were taken out of context, she stressed.

After the accusations became known, several party members demanded bolton’s resignation. "Leave now," urged bill etheridge, a member of the european parliament. Bolton should not demand agony. Ukip members said their party leader now had to make "difficult decisions" about his future. The press office could not be reached for comment.

Bolton, a 54-year-old family man who recently separated from his wife, confirmed the model’s ejection on the short message service twitter: "she was expelled as soon as we got the information."

Bolton was elected ukip leader only last september. The anti-EU party is in deep crisis. She suffered defeats in the last parliamentary and local elections. She is no longer represented in the lower house.

Until 2016, nigel farage, one of the most prominent brexit supporters, was ukip leader. After that, his successors quickly joined hands: diane james, paul nuttall, steve crowther and finally bolton.

Markle has been the target of racist comments in the UK on several occasions in the past. Prince harry was therefore forced to defend his girlfriend in a public appeal against "sexist and racist" comments on social networks and a racist undertone in parts of the british press just over a year ago. His word of power earned him much praise. The couple will be married on 19. May to marry at windsor castle.

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