Geiselwind wants to get to the panorama trail

Geiselwind wants to get to the panorama trail

That geiselwind should be connected to the steigerwald panorama hiking trail was not a question at the meeting of the geiselwind town council. There has not yet been a decision on how this is to be done because of the costs.

The multi-award-winning certified hiking trail runs in nine stages from bad windsheim to bamberg and touches the area of the market town near grafenneuses. A route to geiselwind would be desirable for the rate as well as for the steigerwaldklub, it was said in the course of the meeting. The aim is therefore to connect the village of geiselwind via a hiking trail.

When the route was designated a few years ago, the route to geiselwind was rejected by the route planners. The reason given for the refusal at the time was the poor quality of the route to geiselwind. Deputy mayor annemarie mauer pleaded in the meeting to approve the preliminary concept of a link to geiselwind, which had been tested and drawn up by the leader working group in the district. Accordingly, the mabnahme uber the nature park demand with half of the costs will be required. The cost of materials, such as information boards and signposts, was estimated at around 4010 euros.

Mauer announced that the trail keepers of the steigerwaldklub have agreed to put up the signposts and information boards. The workload was stated at around 2800 euros in the concept. Questionable is however now nevertheless the high of the demand, because it is not yet clarified whether also these 2800 euro are forderfahig. Path warden heinrich klein, who spoke during the meeting, made it clear that in his opinion the costs for the signs and posts were too low.

Since there are still a number of uncertainties regarding the total costs involved, the committee decided to postpone the decision and clarify the situation.

There was also this information:

– the renovated wall around the parish church st. Burkhard in geiselwind ultimately came off more favorably than expected. Church council member and councillor michael weilnhammer informed his colleagues in the market town council about the actual costs and subsidies. The calculated costs for the complete renovation of the 300-year-old wall amounted to about 122,000 euros. In fact, 105,000 euros were incurred. Weilnhammer thanked the municipality for the approved subsidies in the amount of 4576 euros and for its support in the renovation of the 20-meter-long wall tube. The cultural foundation of lower franconia contributed 6200 euros and the archdiocese of bamberg 68,100 euros to the renovation costs. The church community thus contributes 25 873 euro.

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