Fire wave in colorado spreads fear and terror

Fire wave in Colorado spreads fear and terror

A second resident was missing according to the authorities. The flames destroyed hundreds of houses. To see for himself, obama planned to fly to the disaster area on friday. The worst thing is: an end to the fire disaster is not yet in sight.

Many people could only save their bare lives. "We managed to get out," a family man told the "denver post". "We have saved ourselves, our daughter and our cat. What else pays?"

The president was expected in the late evening (CET) for an approximately three-hour visit. Its move to declare the region a disaster area is intended to guarantee that agencies and relief organizations receive federal funding, the weibe haus said on friday.

This is the worst fire in the history of the state of colorado, as the "denver post" wrote. In total, almost 350 houses were destroyed. Another nearly 260 homes had been destroyed about two weeks ago in another fire in the fort collins area. A woman died there.

Often the flames struck at a rough speed. "My son and i were sitting on the sofa and he said, mom our house is burning down," one woman told the "los angeles times.". "I’m trying to come to terms with the reality of not having a home anymore."

Colorado springs mayor steve bach made it clear shortly before obama’s visit that he would demand financial aid. "I intend to ask him for cash."Bach pledged support for burgers left homeless. "Our community will surround you with love and encourage you."

The wildfire in waldo canyon is raging over a flat area of nearly 70 square miles and has only been about 15 percent contained. In the fight against the inferno of flames, however, the weather now came to the aid of the 1,200 firefighters: the heat and wind subsided somewhat, and there was even a little rain. "We have made rough progress," said a spokeswoman for the forestry department. Nevertheless, the all-clear could not yet be given: it would probably take until mid-july to extinguish all the fires.

The search for the cause of the fire of waldo canyon is difficult, because the experts have not yet been able to penetrate to the source of the fire. The FBI is investigating after reports that arson may have been involved.

The thought that a firebug may have been at work "infuriates me and makes my blood boil," colorado governor john hickenlooper had said. However, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office in el paso county, which includes colorado springs, said that so far there was no concrete evidence that the fire could have been set. Other fires in the area were caused by lightning strikes. Members of congress from colorado had previously requested help from the u.S. Government. The fires had already destroyed about 600 homes this year and consumed more than $50 million to fight, the denver post quoted from the deputies’ motion. Because of the gross fires, 30 communities in colorado have now called for the U.S. Independence day holiday on 4. July usual fireworks canceled.

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