Extreme bike trip: from abtswind via greuth to the black sea

extreme bike trip: from abtswind via greuth to the black sea

One man, two bicycles, three trucks, four bags, 15 countries, 42 kilograms of equipment, 118 days on the road, 6881 kilometers driven. Impressive figures of a bike trip from abtswind to the black sea and back. Philipp hofer created the film "zum gluck und zuruck" from 5430 video clips of his adventure made. This one has on 1. May premiere at the haus des gastes in abtswind. "Film!" Heibt it to it at 19 o’clock.

After studying and working in finland in 2014/15, hofer biked back to his hometown of abtswind. It took him 35 days. This laid the foundation for a much longer tour. When he wanted to take some time off after his studies, it occurred to him: "just drive through the area"." A time had not been fixed, but the destination: the black sea. The route was still uncertain, but what are cell phones and openstreetmap for?. So it went on the 1. May two years ago. From abtswind via greuth to the black sea – and back again.

A pack of stray dogs chases the cyclist

He stayed with people he met or with warmshowers members who host bike tourists as a community, but mostly in tents or under the open sky. At night hofer was often allowed to fight with stray dogs. At edirne in turkey a whole pack followed him, bit into his pockets. No sooner had he shaken them off and looked for a driveway to rest than a man with a machine gun shooed him away with the words "move, move"!" Away again. It was military restricted area.

He met a man with a kalashnikov at night in romania. In constanta he was sleeping in a strip of woods near the train station when the man showed up. "My heart fell into my pants", confesses the 26-year-old. But it soon turned out that the man was paid to scare the sinti and roma away from the country. The man invited philipp to his farm, where he was allowed to stay in the house. Even snakes crossed his path. One even crawled over the tent. In the carpathians, he learned that he might well have encountered a barbarian at his campsite. And then there was the lightning that struck next to his tent.

But it is the encounters with people that hofer will probably never forget. The friendliness and the hospitality. For example, the spontaneous invitation in edirne to participate in the breaking of the fast. When in albania his route went into the mountains, water, which he often fetched at the hydrant, and food had become scarce, because no village was coming. Only at the end of the mountains came a rougher village. He asked a local resident, who was traveling with a milk jug, for a place to stay. There were no sanctions, but the man was invited to sit at his table at home. "The whole table was loaded with food", hofer remembers with gratitude.

Acquaintance with a biker couple

If he liked it somewhere during the trip, he stayed longer. Also some friends met him at certain points of the tour. He also met new people. So a biker couple with whom he rode together from vienna to bratislava. They took a different route on their way to singapore, but they met again in albania.

Not only many countries and their people philipp got to know, but also the specialties of the countries. Unfortunately he was not spared from a stomach virus either. He caught it in croatia. He continued to italy, but had to spend a night in the hospital. "After three infusions and a few tablets, he was back on track.", the abtswinder tells.

A car that ran him down, a riverbed crossing and a field path were the causes of three crashes, all of which were minor. He was largely spared any mishaps, apart from a "creeping flat tire", for which he changed the tire, a broken chain or a broken tent pole, which he repaired with a towel pole.

Admission to the two-hour documentary is free

From his start two years ago, after the maypole raising, from the snow in the carpathians, the lack of internet in albania and turkey and many experiences up to his last overnight stay in wurzburg, because he was to return on a saturday, and the reception in abtswind, which his family prepared for him, is told on the first day of his journey. May the good two-hour bike trip documentary far from all-inclusive and good roads through southeastern europe. Admission is at 5 p.M., at 7 p.M. It’s movie time. There’s a break, too, and everything that goes with the cinema experience. The entrance is free.

118 days in the saddlephilipp hofer started on 1. May 2017 to his bike trip. His route took him from germany to austria, slovakia, hungary, romania, bulgaria, turkey, greece, albania, montenegro, croatia, slovenia, italy, switzerland and liechtenstein back to germany. After 118 days he was back. He had a camera on his bicycle, for which there were brackets on the frame and the handlebars. He lived out of four bags: one contained his tent and sleeping bag, the other clothes, and in the third was the "kitchen" housed with food and spirit stove, and in the fourth, the technology with tools and charging cable. If you want to have a taste of the film you can find a trailer here … And here are some more impressions.

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