Edith berg strengthens leadership

Edith Berg strengthens leadership

The autumn brought a lot of good news for the lichtenfelser district association of alliance 90/the greens, especially in terms of personnel. With the election of edith berg as spokeswoman for the district executive committee, the executive committee is once again complete.

The city councilor from burgkunstadt now forms the organizational leadership together with valentin motschmann and is looking forward to her new task with joy and enthusiasm: "as everyone can observe, our trees are dying because of the earth’s heating. It’s not enough just to plant new trees. The reduction of CO¬≤ must be the most urgent task also in every municipality", according to edith berg.

Another reason to be happy is the development of membership figures. Here the district association was able to record an increase of over 70 percent within a year. "We have grown from 28 to 49 members since september last year. This positive trend shows that issues such as nature and climate protection are also playing an increasingly important role in lichtenfels, according to district executive spokesman valentin motschmann.

At the members’ meeting in september, there was also full support for a motion on the energy transition that jens backert wanted to present as a delegate at the state delegates’ conference of the bavarian greens. This is about the increased demand for hydrogen as a valuable energy carrier, which enables the intelligent networking of the areas of electricity, heat supply and transport. "Hydrogen produced from renewable energies is a key factor for a successful energy transition with a system", said electrical engineer jens backert and added: "it is therefore high time not only to talk about hydrogen, but also to create the political framework for a broad demand for this promising energy carrier."

Among the specific demands the county association plans to bring to the state level are infrastructure expansion, electrolysis technology demand programs, and the use of the existing natural gas grid for the storage and distribution of green hydrogen.

The district association is also full of energy for the upcoming local elections.

First information events have already been held in burgkunstadt, michelau and ebensfeld, which were very well received and enabled a lively dialogue with the citizens of burgundy. The greens are planning to do the same for lichtenfels and are therefore inviting people to a meeting on tuesday, 22. October, to an information evening in the irish pub "paddy "s rest".

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