Diersch: “remains committed

A regular recurring topic in the municipal council is the rehabilitation of road cracks, road slide caps, curbs and manhole frames. The building yard has defined the places that urgently need to be repaired.

The following contracts have now been awarded: grouting of cracks for 4046 euros to ABS meiller, wernberg; 50 trench slide caps for 13,625 euros to ABS meiller, wernberg; curb repair for 2006 euros to BST, bad schonbrunn; shaft frame renovation for 16,065 euros (gross in each case) to vienna, wallhausen.

In summer, the reconstruction of the elementary school and the addition of an after-school care center are to begin. Due to increased hygienic requirements in corona times, no usual porta-potty can be placed on the construction site. Instead, a sanitary container must be kept available during the planned construction period of 50 weeks. Due to the urgency, the contract has already been awarded to the company lindner-bau. The resulting additional costs were subsequently approved.

The municipal council gave its approval for the extension of an attic in lindau.

Although the farewells to the retiring councillors helmut kufner, emil lauterbach, manfred reitmeier and mark standner can only take place at a later date, mayor werner diersch was already feeling a bit fond of saying goodbye at the end of his last meeting. He expressed his thanks for the trusting cooperation over the past six years to the town council, the administration, the building yard employees and all the volunteers.

"We can look back with great satisfaction and pride on the work done. Trebgast has developed further in this time and is perceived and respected in the district. The burgers and our guests feel at home here. The young families who settle in our town also strengthen our clubs and the general structure of the town. I hand over a well ordered house and hope for a normal life in not too far away. Stay committed and make the best of it." 

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