Coronavirus: warning of possible “mass deaths” in syria

Coronavirus: warning of possible 'mass deaths' in syria

Aid agencies warn of dramatic consequences if novel coronavirus spreads among displaced people in northwestern syria.

"Then, as brutal as it sounds, you almost have to reckon with mass death," dirk hegmanns, regional director of welthungerhilfe for syria, told the german press agency. "Because the russian air force has systematically destroyed clinics, there is no health care there."There are only 50 ventilators in the entire northwest of syria," she said.

The world health organization (WHO) also expressed "extreme concern" about the situation in northwestern syria. The population in the region is particularly at risk, partly because of limited health care, WHO spokesman hedinn halldorsson said. WHO working to bring equipment for coronary tests to the region. Tests should start next week.

The region around the city of idlib is the last rough rebel area of the burger war country. Nearly a million people have fled bombings and government forces since december, according to un estimates. According to aid organizations, the humanitarian situation is dramatic anyway. There is an acute lack of food, shelter and heating material. For almost two weeks a truce has been in force, which the protecting powers russia and turkey had agreed upon.

Moscow supports the government in the burger war. In the past months, hospitals in the rebel area were hit several times. Activists and human rights activists accuse russia and syria of deliberately bombing vital infrastructure.

Syria has not yet officially reported any coronavirus infections. Hegmanns explained that there were no numbers even from the regions under control of government opponents.

The aid organization doctors without borders (MSF) warned that a spread of the coronavirus in the north of syria could lead to a critical situation without additional help: "the disease would spread very quickly, especially in camps."Clinics and health centers were overwhelmed by a rush of patients.

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