Children’s author reading in volkach

children's author reading in volkach

The german academy for children’s and young people’s books, based in volkach, made it possible for the city library to host the well-known author christian seltmann. Christian seltmann brought along his latest children’s book "robin cat" and presented it in his child-friendly way. One of the surprises of the afternoon was that the author brought his guitar with him in a black case. And in no time at all, the listeners were involved in an active listening game. Participation was also the order of the day. In which reading have the listeners ever held their shoes in their hands?? When everyone imitated the sound of the sea, the hamster language and hawaiian hula chants of the palm trees? The children were "live" in all variations and there was not a second of boredom, according to a press release. At the end of the reading, christian seltmann informed the audience that the children could order the hor play they had created together from the city library and then burn it onto a cd. The arena publishing house provided a CD cover of the painting to go with it. At the end, the head of the city library, claudia binzenhofer, handed out chip tokens and robin cat stickers. The author had to hand out a lot of autographs.

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