Chemical accident at daimler plant – 27 workers affected

Chemical accident at daimler plant - 27 workers affected

On tuesday evening, according to police reports, a chemical reaction occurred in the production hall during a cleaning process for metal parts. A daimler spokesman said on wednesday that benzaldehyde, a substance harmful to health, had escaped.

According to police, this has led to respiratory irritation among the affected workers in the axle factory in the town district of mettingen. But no one was seriously injured in the incident on tuesday evening. According to the daimler spokesman, all those affected have since been released from hospital. Production in the hall had also restarted during the night. According to the information, the building had been cleared first as a precaution.

How the accident occurred remains unclear. There was no deflagration or anything similar, the police said. Workers in the factory had suddenly complained of a cough. In addition, they had spoken of a sublichen smell, said the daimler spokesman. Benzaldehyde is also known as artificial bittermandelol, the smell is reminiscent of marzipan. Laboratory tests will now clarify the background to the accident.

Daimler is working closely with the authorities to clarify the cause of the accident, the company spokesman said. In addition to firefighters from the city and the plant, more than a dozen rescue vehicles were also on the scene.

The plant in the mettingen district of esslingen processes metal parts for daimler’s main production site in unterturkheim. The production hall is part of the daimler main plant, where the car manufacturer produces engines, transmissions and axles for passenger cars.

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