Charlotte schneider turned 91

Charlotte schneider turned 91

Charlotte schneider was able to celebrate her 91st birthday at the quellenhof in the best of spirits. Celebrating their birthday.

The birthday girl was born in antonienhutte in upper silesia, the youngest of two children. Shortly before her high school graduation, the jubilarian had to flee her old home in 1945. The escape brought them to allgau. In 1953, she married her husband karl, whom she had met in lindau on lake constance and to whom she gave three children. A grandson is her pride and joy.

Charlotte schneider spent two years with her husband in persia, where he was traveling on business. Her husband died in 2001. Via freiburg, she then moved to the quellenhof in bad staffelstein in 2015 because her son herbert works and lives nearby.

She likes it very much at the quellenhof because she has a wonderful view of the banz monastery and the staffelberg mountain, she says.

The gymnastics classes and the coffee wreaths she regularly attends are welcome diversions for her. In addition to the residents, the mayor of bad staffelstein, jurgen kohmann, also offered his congratulations.

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