Chairman only available for six months

Chairman only available for six months

Good response at the annual general meeting of the ATSV nordhalben: 57 eligible voters and some children and young people attended the meeting.
Chairman christian popp and his board of directors with the division managers reported on the past 24 months at the 737-member club. Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to run the association as a member without regular contact with the home town and no successor has been found, the chairman only stood for election for a transitional period of six months. The majority of the remaining board members, on the other hand, stood for re-election for the entire term of office.

Financial plus

Financially the association closed the last two years with a profit. Auditor heiko scherbel attested to exemplary and flawless cash management. Treasurer thomas daum and the board of directors were then unanimously discharged.
The reports of the divisions reflected a social tendency that shows less permanent commitment, but more individual use of club offers. There is a strong demand for children’s and youth sports lessons, and there is also a demand for trendy gymnastic sports. The recreational bowlers have grown, and classical gymnastics is back in the program. A new offer is "bodyshaping" available.
In contrast, the two performance divisions, sportschutzen and spielmannszug, operate on the fringes of the competitive and competitive-playing divisions, respectively. After three successful years, the volleyball department had to withdraw its women’s team due to a lack of players. There are currently no new recruits in the training program either.
The trampoline department, on the other hand, is at the limit of its capacity, reported department head margarete wunder-blinzler. It is looking for energetic support in training and competition work.

Chairman for half a year

At the new elections under the leadership of honorary chairman rudolf ruf, the previous board of directors and the club committee were largely re-elected. However, the association will have to look for a new first chairman within the next six months, as christian popp then wants to quit.
Newly appointed were ski department head jonas ruf, assessor tanja stumpf and cash auditor ralph stumpf.
The newly elected BLSV district chairman mario schmidt introduced himself for the first time at the second-largest club in the district. In his speech, he and mayor michael pohnlein pointed out various courses offered for club work at the association and intermunicipal level.

Higher contributions decided

The moderate dues increases were approved without any dissenting votes. They had not been adjusted since 2001 and are, among other things, far below the level required for association subsidies. Children up to ten years of age will pay 15 euros (previously nine euros), youths 25 euros (20), adults 35 euros (30), families 60 euros (50) and disabled persons 20 euros (unchanged).

Appeal of the honorary chairman

Honorary chairman rudolf ruf pointed out in his call for a new orientation of the association that the payment of membership dues is not a "performance requirement" we must be careful not to lose our sovereignty," he warned again, appealing to the honorary chairman not only to be committed to the association, but also to each member to contribute something to the community work.
A club as large as ATSV nordhalben can only function if many people share the tasks and do not rely solely on the executive board. Norbert neugebauer

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