Bmw pays bubgeld in millions for software glitch

Bmw pays bubgeld in millions for software glitch

According to the public prosecutor’s office in munich, BMW did not violate any laws and did not manipulate exhaust gas values for better readings on the test stand. "The accusation of fraud has not been confirmed in this respect."

The investigation revealed that data for the engine control systems of other BMW vehicles had been uploaded to the engine control systems of the affected BMW m550xd and 750xd vehicles. As a result, they are emitting too much nitrogen oxide both on the road and on the test stand.

BMW failed to prevent this error by providing proper quality assurance, the prosecutor’s office said. That’s why it imposed a bubgeld for negligent breach of duty of supervision.

The investigation, however, found "no evidence that the model series actually had defeat devices installed, nor that BMW AG employees acted intentionally". In addition, BMW has cooperated fully in the investigation and has improved its quality assurance accordingly.

A BMW spokesman said the company accepts the bubgeld. The installation of the wrong software module was a technical error. The affected cars were called into the workshop last year for an update.

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