Bielefeld promotion party: female wine and protein shake with shot

Bielefeld promotion party: female wine and protein shake with shot

Jonathan clauss was looking forward to "a bit of women’s wine from the alsace with his girlfriend," andreas voglsammer to "a protein shake with a shot," and fabian klos to "one or two beers" in classic fashion.

Arminia bielefeld’s first ghostly promotion celebration in german professional soccer turned out modestly. Also in the city. The police saw "nothing where we had to intervene".

But all this had nothing to do with theoretical doubts. The players and officials of the club had no place for them after the 4:0 (1:0) win over last-place dynamo dresden. Nine points and 18 goals ahead of third place at the time. "We have the feeling that no one will ever catch us again," said coach uwe neuhaus: "and even if it’s not yet mathematically perfect: whoever still doubts it now, i’ll kick out." After the 1:1 (1:0) of hamburger SV on tuesday against osnabruck the promotion was then also quite officially perfect.

DFL managing director christian seifert sends promotion pit to east westphalia: "congratulations to arminia bielefeld on their early promotion – the players of the DSC, coach uwe neuhaus and his staff, and all those responsible for the team. The team has spent a rough part of this far from ordinary season at the top of the table of the 2. Bundesliga and has well and truly earned his return to the bundesliga," seifert announced in the evening.

Bielefeld’s former goal scorer artur wichniarek was also happy for his former club. "This is wonderful news. I am particularly pleased, because the club is very close to my heart," tweeted the pole. Congratulations sent to last year’s promoted team union berlin via twitter. "Our warmest congratulations go to our long-serving coach uwe neuhaus and his team arminia."Bundesliga team fortuna dusseldorf and handball league team TBV lemgo lippe also congratulated with tweets.

The team celebrated its return to the fubball bundesliga after eleven years on monday evening. And the eighth promotion, which the ostwestfalen together with the 1. FC nurnberg to become the record promoted team. But without fans, in the (almost) empty stadium it also felt a little strange. The la ola in front of the main stand was only symbolically reciprocated, there was no stampede and no beer shower. Instead, an hour after the final whistle, almost the entire team was still standing around a crate of beer next to the substitutes’ bench. Managing directors samir arabi and markus rejek as well as president hans-jurgen laufer joined in the meantime.

At the time, no one was aware of what was happening in front of the schuco arena. Around 200 fans waited for their heroes outside the stadium – which they, like everyone else, are not allowed to enter at the moment. They sang and burned down bengalos. When a player drove through the crowd, he had to stop short and was cheered. Most loved the disc down and sang along. Marcel hartel and sven schipplock hung their heads through the sliding roof and cheered into the crowd.

Arminia icon ansgar brinkmann, a sky pundit, announced that if promotion is also mathematically perfect, he wants to look down on the stadium from the mountain with a bottle of whiskey. "Then we’ll stay for a short while and you’ll come to us in town," said klos: "then we’ll put two or three chairs between us. To keep the minimum distance. And to turn off the getranke."

The city also wants to pay tribute to its newcomer. The town hall balcony will remain closed, but mayor pit clausen already announced he had some ideas. Neuhaus also announced a celebration "within an appropriate framework". He had already become german champion with borussia dortmund in 2002 as assistant to matthias sammer. Now he comes for the first time as head coach in the first league. With 60. Which is fitting, because as a professional he also only reached it at the age of 30.

The coach from hattingen in the ruhrpott is considered the father of the surprising success. Probably also, because he gives himself internally differently than in the public. "People often say i’m not easy-going," he said with a laugh on monday. And then he told how he tried to keep the mood high during the corona break. "We had rhymes recited. Real kids’ stuff," he revealed: "there was always a loser of the week who had to recite fischerers fritz or something like that. We laughed our heads off."

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