Bamberg’s city council says yes to brose arena

Bamberg's city council says yes to brose arena

The result of the vote hardly surprised anyone in the city council. The second major real estate coup with the arena bamberg went off without a hitch after the purchase three years ago. Mayor andreas stark (SPD) never had to fear for the majority for his negotiation package, which costs 3.47 million euros including necessary maintenance, but should not burden the city and also the stadtbau and stadtwerke as owners of the arena more than before.

At least the sparkasse bamberg provided remarkable news at the beginning of the city council meeting. It is not prepared to provide the necessary loan for the "special property" to give at the forchheimer strabe without getting a burgschaft in the same amount by the city of bamberg. This means that the city, if all else fails, will have to step in with 2.47 million euros of its own money, but on the other hand, such a burgschaft also has its advantages. As it hieb on the referent bank, this means that the loan with burgschaft can be put out to public tender and very likely also the loan interest and thus the annual burden of the owners will decrease. Until now, the savings bank had always charged the comparatively high interest rate of 3.5 percent.

Future viability of the hall
In the debate, the familiar arguments clashed once again. While the CSU and SPD praised the negotiation package with changes ranging from a visitor guidance system to new chairs and the construction of a new storage hall as inevitable because it was the only way to preserve the hall's future viability, the opponents, especially from the green faction, denounced the risks hidden therein. The most heard opinion: "this arena will be a million-dollar grave. What we are experiencing today is only the beginning. The city will have to invest further millions in the hall", said ursula sowa of the GAL faction and similarly the non-attached city councillor sabine sauer. Peter gack (GAL) took a look back: "if it had been known three years ago that there would now be another million, then there would not have been a majority at that time."

The attempt by the free voters to reduce the city's contribution by capping costs and debt service and stretching the reducing the number of tree removals failed due to the majority of the city council members who did not want to reopen the contract with michael stoschek, which had been negotiated with great difficulty in the last few weeks. "If we don't agree today, we won't save any money. The losses that we will suffer are greater than the investments that are necessary today", said wolfgang metzner, the chairman of the SPD parliamentary group.

The bamberg CSU also made a clear commitment to the expansion of the hall. Helmut muller spoke of the need to keep the hall competitive, which did not allow for a wait and see approach. His faction colleague gerhard seitz, who had voted against the purchase in 2010, now justified his approval with the owner's obligation to limit the damage. He who says A must also say B, said seitz, but did not hide the fact that his skepticism at the time was confirmed: "the people of bamberg had to be told at the time that new costs were imminent. Talking about everything already, i have a problem with that."

Michael stoschek – secret OB?
Daniela reinfelder and norbert tscherner were among the 33 city council members who supported the administration's proposal. "With a heavy heart" the burger-block man agreed, not without expressing his expectation that "new demands" would be made by brose will come. "I believe that the secret OB has long been michael stoschek", is the saying that brought laughter from tscherner.

Not only the chairman of the brose shareholders' meeting, who had always seen the support of the brose baskets and the renovation of the hall as a complete package, could be satisfied on this day. Bamberg's mayor, andreas starke (SPD), also praised the compromise, which bears his signature to a large extent. It provides the hall, which has attracted 1.1 million visitors since it was taken over by the city, including 70,000 at cultural events, with the long-missing planning security and continuity until 2018. Starke: "this also secures the market value of the arena as a flagship for the region."

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