An unsuccessful mission

Martin schweiger her journey from the erzgebirgskreis (saxony) to the district court in habfurt on friday was not worth it for a 43-year-old woman. Because their appeal against a penalty order was unsuccessful. The court convicted the defendant of "violating the confidentiality of the word" to a fine of 30 daily rates of 15 euro, i.E. 450 euro.

The charges against her were filed rather accidentally. Officers of the bamberg traffic police had on 9. December 2016 after an accident on the maintal autobahn near stettfeld, the driver was supposed to regulate the traffic jam. Among the passing cars, they noticed a license plate that deviated from the norm. They waved the vehicle out to check the occupants. The officials noticed that the european star and the german license plate were stuck on the car. Instead, an imperial coat of arms was emblazoned on the rear license plate.

The police explained to the driver that this would result in a charge of misuse of license plates. But the driver was already about to commit the next crime. For while the police officer was talking to him, he held a camcorder in his face through the open window of the driver’s door. When he left the vehicle to open the trunk after repeated requests from the officers, the driver handed over the camera to his girlfriend in the passenger seat, who, according to the testimony of one of the officers in court, continued to take the picture. But this is forbidden. It violates the "confidentiality of the word".

From the right scene

Her boyfriend has already been convicted. On friday, the 43-year-old, who has so far led a crime-free life, had to answer to the court. For this she had brought with her martin kohlmann, a well known defense lawyer from chemnitz. He is, according to the "stern-magazine the leading head of "pro chemnitz. The "star" writes: "the right-wing lawyer is apparently well connected in the scene."

The lawyer voiced his displeasure before the start of the trial because his client had been frisked twice at the admittance checkpoint. "This is only done to intimidate and humiliate my client, who has no criminal record. Because of such a pille-palle thing they organize here such a harassment. What comes next? The nude scanner?", he reprimanded the judge and filed a motion for partiality against the judge, which was rejected by the court.

The defense also denounced the search of the car’s trunk without a warrant. "Were they going to find a ground-to-air missile in there?", he asked the police officer provocatively. His client had not turned on the camera. The device had continued to record even without their intervention, he argued, and filed a motion to view the recording or "in the alternative, obtain an expert opinion.".


But the court also rejected this application. The prosecutor demanded a fine of 450 euros, which the judge accepted. The defense pleaded for acquittal and could not refrain from taking a swipe at the state of bavaria in his plea. "To ransack something unlawfully is probably a hobby in this region. After all, we are in bavaria, he said, and also revealed his opinion of the orderlies: the officials had behaved "like an open pair of trousers. No profession leers more than police officers in court."

Judge remains cool

Also the district court got its fat off, which from the lawyer’s point of view "did not do its homework" have.

The presiding judge kept her cool during the two-hour hearing, which had to be interrupted many times because of the defense attorney’s motions. "The procedure has a reichsburgeranstrich and I do not let go sledding with me", love to know the lawyer who went home with his client after an unsuccessful mission.

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