After mother’s death: man kills seven people

After mother's death: man kills seven people

After the fatal shootings of seven people in a village in the U.S. State of missouri, police are guessing about the motive of the perpetrator.

According to authorities, the 36-year-old had started the fire in four different houses in the town of tyrone on friday night (local time) and then killed himself. U.S. Media speculated that the death of his mother on the same night could have triggered the bloody deed.

Victims were four married couples, as reported by the houston herald with reference to the responsible forensic doctor. The man shot three of the couples in their bedrooms, according to the report. In the fourth house, where the inhabitants opened the door to him, he killed only the man, the woman escaped with a bullet wound.

A girl had alerted the police on the night of the crime because of "unrest" in her parents’ house. Then it hoarded shot and fled to neighbors. Officers going door to door in the town of 50 people found the victims a little later. According to police, two of the four couples were related to the shooter. The identity of the other three victims was not initially known.

The police also discovered the body of a 74-year-old woman in a fifth house, who apparently died of natural causes. She was identified as the mother of the shooter. Possibly the son found her dead, speculated among others the channel CNN. The shooter himself was found dead in his car after the bloody deed.

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