Abtswind lands at the top

"In the end, this also speaks for the quality of my team", said abtswind’s coach jochen seuling after the clear 3:0 result against erlenbach. In the course of the game, however, this clarity was not to be seen.
Seuling had to change his starting lineup again in several positions compared to the previous game in augsfeld. In the defense played axel zehnder and sven gibfried for the missing daniel hey and frederic weib. In midfield kim kruezi came in for michael herrmann, albert fischer replaced michael seuling on the right wing and peter mrugalla started again this time instead of philipp kutzenberger.

Erlenbach, on the other hand, had to start without its outstanding playmaker sebastian gobig.

"I knew that", said seuling "i wasn’t exactly sad about that." The hosts started swinging. With a long pass from dustin hoppner out of their own half they duplicated the opposing defense, mrugalla went up and away and slid the ball in past the opposing goalkeeper for the quick lead.
In the first quarter of an hour, the guests continued to have major problems keeping the abtswinders away from their own penalty area. But the longer the game lasted, the more inadequacies crept into the hosts’ game. "We simply stopped playing soccer, perhaps because our lead was too easy", seuling suspected.

Midway through the first half, abtswind had given the game away through a pile of their own mistakes, without the opponent having to step up to the mark.

"You’re just watching, an increasingly annoyed trainer shouted at his team when erlenbach was trapped in their half for several minutes but missed the equalizer despite promising opportunities. Half-time was supposed to draw the hosts, but sebastian otto was quicker. After a combination with mrugalla he raised the lead.
After the change of ends, erlenbach again took control of the game, but again the goal came from the other side when otto volleyed home an assist from kim kruezi for the deciding goal. Erlenbach’s baris eren picked up an unusual yellow card midway through the second half when he cheekily commented on the referee’s request for emotions to subside: "then whistle properly."
While he was standing just one meter next to the stunned impartial. The coarser shares and the more number of opportunities had also furthermore the guests, but while abtswind had dealt very efficiently with his chances, they did not bring the ball under the goal. "We also have to thank our goalkeeper. His brilliant saves saved us a goal against", seuling judged.

The hosts’ best chance to increase the score came from substitute philipp kutzenberger ten minutes before the end, but his shot from 16 yards was wide of the goal.

"Our merciless efficiency decided this game", seuling summarized "otherwise erlenbach was the better team."

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