A very active club in the scene

A very active club in the scene

Thomas henkel has been the chairman of the small animal breeding association (KTZV) for 25 years. During the general meeting at the heinrich-schaumberger school, the vice president rolf muller thanked henkel with a certificate for a quarter of a century of tireless and successful commitment to small animal breeding. It is not without reason that the weibenbrunn club is one of the most active clubs in the coburg small animal breeding scene.

This was confirmed by the local show, as henkel noted in his report, which presented a total of 124 animals, an increase of 15 percent over the previous year. "I hope it will continue to go auarts in the next few years", said the chairman, who referred to another highlight.

It was the 8. Kanin-hop tournament, which once again attracted nationwide attention. However, henkel complained, the attendance of local residents had not been very good. Apart from that, henkel reminded of the likewise lively club life, which ranged from excursions and santa claus hikes to meetings and training sessions.

At present, the KTZV has 70 members, nine of whom are young people. "It’s hard to get young people interested in breeding. Therefore we are all demanded, whereby however also the efforts from above are somewhat missing ?, he summed up.

Further were honored for 25 years of membership gerd fleischmann and rudolf taubmann and for 40 years oliver rupp. Announced for the 1. September of this year, among other things, the kanin-hop event again and the local show the following year from 11. To 12. January.

In response to the annual reports, which all showed excellent results, henkel said: "it’s good to be able to rely on you." In detail, bernd pommer reported on coarse poultry breeding, andreas scheler on pigeon breeding, rolf muller on rabbit breeding, daniel karl on the youth group, rolf sembach on tattooing and oliver rupp on ringing.

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