Sound and optics surprised

sound and optics surprised

A surprise concert in the regentenbau building attracted visitors to the first "german orchestra meeting 60" experienced. And indeed the evening was rich in (pleasant) surprises – for listeners and performers alike. The program not only featured the seven orchestras that had taken part in a musical competition in three categories the day before at the kurtheater, but also an ensemble that had the task of composing a piece especially for this meeting to launch a composed work.

Very good hor impression
It is well known that first elections are inevitably accompanied by surprises. Last but not least, the versatility of the orchestras and the general musical level at which music was played were surprising.
The view that the coarse hall offered to those who entered was already unusual: there was only room for an audience in the parquet floor little, because the fullten largely four rather rough music groups; another three klangkorper had found place on the stage. Watching the event from the balcony was the right choice in any case: from above, the audience could not only enjoy the visually appealing arrangement of the orchestras; they also had a good overview of the group playing at the time, were close to the performers, and were able to hear the music close to each other and had a very good impression of the hor. Apart from that, it gave hans-walter berg, the project manager of the orchestra meeting, the opportunity to address the entire audience as well as the orchestras surrounding him in his moderation.

Warm and somewhat wistful
Alphorn sounds opened the evening: warm, heavy, a little wistful calling sounded from the four horn players of the ensemble "die badischen the "pit at bad kissingen and a "little serenade, before the district senior accordion orchestra wurm-nagold for the "harmonika-fest" invited by the music of renato bui. It was light and agile, already structured and made the listeners in their seats move a bit. It was a skill of all the groups that evening: to move and animate the audience.

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Yahoo continues to shrink under marissa mayer

Yahoo continues to shrink under marissa mayer

Operating profit shrank by as much as 39 percent to 93 million dollars due to high development costs for new products, yahoo announced on tuesday in sunnyvale, california.

Mayer had stepped up to rub yahoo out of its lethargy after trench warfare in management. She was also partially successful. As she emphasizes again and again, the company receives many applications and the number of users for the various offers is increasing. Yahoo had, among other things, overhauled its photo platform flickr, invested heavily in apps for smartphones and tablet computers, and bought several companies such as the blog platform tumblr.

Yahoo continues to face tough competition from rivals like google and facebook in the hunt for advertising dollars. Yahoo banner ad sales dropped seven percent to $470 million. This was due, among other things, to a drop in prices. Even the paid links in search results yielded less.

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Two fatal accidents in quick succession

Two fatal accidents in quick succession

In the most recent traffic accident on federal highway 279 near bischofsheim on monday morning, the 61-year-old driver swerved to avoid an oncoming car that was about to overtake, police say. His car ran into oncoming traffic, where it came to a head-on collision. The driver could only be rescued dead from his totally damaged car. The driver of the rammed car was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The man suspected of causing the accident suffered a shock. Highway 279 is completely closed until further notice.

According to witnesses, the man overtook the car at around 10 a.M.25 o’clock a 27-year-old man from thuringia, who was coming from hesse in the direction of oberweibenbrunn, hit several vehicles with his VW-passat. An oncoming toyota had to swerve to avoid her. The driver from the district of fulda veered to the right into the verge and finally crashed into oncoming traffic while trying to steer backwards. Due to the force of the collision, these two vehicles were thrown off the federal highway.

The man driving the toyota suffered such serious injuries in the accident that he died at the scene of the accident. The dead man had to be rescued by the fire department with the rescue shears. The 47-year-old female driver, who was driving a company vehicle, was taken to hospital by rescue helicopter. The driver who had overtaken the vehicles but was not directly involved in the collision was also taken to hospital.

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Nose bone fracture in detention cell: ten months on probation for police officers

nose bone fracture in detention cell: ten months on probation for police officers

The magistrate also imposed a fine of 3,000 euros for assault in the line of duty, which the official must pay to a charitable organization. In january, the 33-year-old had broken the woman’s nose bone and an eye socket with a fist blow at the munich-au police station.

However, the judge assumed that the young woman had provoked the officer by spitting at him: "you have behaved quite badly."The judge did not expect a self-defense situation. However, the official had not been allowed to strike. "Their action was not necessary to defend against the alleged attack."In his closing remarks before the verdict, the police officer said that he had wanted to ward off an attack, but regretted the consequences. "I regret the violations, because they were never intended to happen."

He told the court that the woman had spat at him and that he had tried to calm her down. She had jumped up with the upper body. For fear that it could hit him, he had made an arm movement to protect him. "I swerved and at the same moment hit my arm forward against her head," the official said. At that time, the woman was lying in the police station with her hands tied behind her back.

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Bundestag approves three-percent threshold for european elections

Bundestag approves three-percent threshold for european elections

– european elections: the previous five-percent threshold is lowered to three percent. The new regulation had become necessary because the constitutional judges had overturned the five-percent hurdle in european elections. This violated the equal opportunities of the parties. The far-right NPD immediately challenged the bundestag’s decision at the federal constitutional court.

– FINANCIAL SECTOR: banking supervision, previously the responsibility of the federal authority bafin, will be transferred to the european central bank. In the future, the ECB is to directly supervise around 150 institutions, of which around 25 are in germany.

– CARE: old, ill and handicapped people are to be assigned a caretaker by the court less often than before. After the new regulation, alternatives must be examined more intensively – for example, help from relatives, acquaintances or social services. Around 1.3 million people in germany currently have a legal guardian.

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Help, i need a midwife!

"Unfortunately, we can only accept women with a due date of october 2020 or later for the weekly bed care." – "there is no free place in the course!" – "childcare will be available again in september." Looking for a midwife in coburg is not easy at the moment. On their website, the midwives in private practice already point out that they are working to capacity. "It was exasperating,", sabine G. Her efforts to take part in a pregnancy preparation course. But then a midwife gave her the tip to call the midwife coordination office of the family center.

There sits henrike beck on the phone. A midwife herself, she has been working for about a year to help expectant mothers find a midwife for themselves. "I am in contact with 18 midwives from the region and ask for possible free capacities", the 40-year-old describes her options. All midwives are connected to each other via an e-mail distribution list and can also report free spaces at short notice. "This gives me the opportunity to actually help women."

Midwife consultation

If it is still not possible to find a midwife, there is now also the midwife consultation hour that henrike beck organizes twice a week at the coburg clinical center. All affected people can spontaneously drop by and get support and have their questions answered. "Women with an immigrant background are very happy to take advantage of it. They often find it difficult to turn to a midwife in the run-up to the birth", says beck. Eight freelance midwives share the office hours on a rotating basis.

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Iranian parliament calls for clarification after unrest

Iranian parliament calls for clarification after unrest

After days of unrest in iran, parliamentary president ali larijani has demanded that the authorities provide a thorough explanation of their actions against demonstrators.

"We don’t want people’s rights to be violated just because they criticize," larijani’s spokesman behrus nemati said after a special session of parliament at the request of the reformers on sunday. If there were any errors in the arrests, they had to be corrected immediately. In the afternoon, dozens of demonstrators were surprisingly released from custody.

Tehran’s prosecutor abbas jafari dolatabadi announced that 70 protesters had been released. "This trend (releases) is to continue," he said, according to the ISNA news agency. However, the leaders of the riots and rioters are excluded, said the lawyer.

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Farewells with distance

In hammelburg, the process of disbanding the officers' waiting battalion 2 begins. Two of the three company commanders have already been bade farewell.

Even though formations and the distances required for them are regulated in the central service regulations, it was not long before the officers' warden battalion 2: keep your distance. The unit was "broadly positioned" on the occasion of the company surrenders under the necessary conditions to reduce the risk of infection entered. The commanders of the first and third companies were dismissed – without successors.

Corona formation

The battalion commander, lieutenant colonel mathias steiger, buried the men and women of the battalion and was pleased that, despite strict conditions, he was able to create a worthy framework for a company handover. "The main mission, the training of the junior officers in the courses of the officer advisor course (OAL) and the course for infantry competence enhancement (LIKE) are completed", steiger opened the event and thanked the soldiers currently deployed to help with the covid 19 pandemic for their commitment and perseverance. The battalion had detached soldiers to bad neustadt, aschaffenburg and oerlenbach.

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Photos in the shop windows: kitzingen’s city center becomes a gallery

photos in the shop windows: kitzingen's city center becomes a gallery

The public competitions of the city of kitzingen for the annual world press photo exhibition in the town hall have a long tradition. The genres alternate between photo and writing contests. According to a press release, the topics are either directly related to the exhibition or have a regional connection.

"Here I am at home" was the theme for the public photo competition this year. It offered a broad spectrum of contents: home can be a country or a landscape, a place, a street, a park or one’s own garden, a club, a circle of friends or the family.

69 photographers sent in 109 photos. The technical and content quality as well as imagination and creativity impressed the jury and did not make it easy for them to award the prizes accordingly, it says in the release.

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Mr. Markert, are you the last rock’n’roller??

Mr. markert, are you the last rock'n'roller??

Erwin markert recently found a new love: his love for the sea. Soon he will set off on a second cruise, with the destination as good as set. But before that, he has another mission to accomplish, one that he doesn’t know where the journey will take him. The 63-year-old has once again stepped in as an emergency helper at FC eibelstadt.

For no other club did markert embark on such a daring adventure for the third time. Twice it has already gone well, but will he be able to save the team as successor of the luckless karl-heinz zehnder also this time from the relegation from the district league? If not him, then who, seems to be the motto at the club. Markert is known as a tough dog, but what he demands is not primarily diligence or obedience, but passion for the cause, his cause, fubball. It was and is his elixir, his joy. 1978/79 he played 38 games in the second division with the wurzburger kickers (three goals).

What connects him with werner lorant? What does he think about today’s generation of players?? Why does he do this to himself again and again??

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